Registration Inspections

Arndell Park Mechanics

Our services maintain trusted registration and inspection schemes to ensure your vehicle’s optimum safety requirement. These Technician inspection schemes will not only identify mechanical faults but also investigate the vehicle’s structure, body panels and electrical components. At Finetune, every vehicle undergoes these registration inspections prior to any further auto repair or maintenance service. After these inspections are done, our workers generate an inspection report for the respective vehicle model which shows all the components of the vehicle which have been inspected.

This certified Finetune examination reports clearly reflect which portion needs maximum attention from our experienced Technician in Sydney. We also provide inspection certificated to vehicles prior to their sale or transfer. It is necessary that all the vehicles meet the safety standards and for those who don’t our expert offers the best auto repair and maintenance services. We ensure that everyone has a safe and joyful ride in certified and properly inspected vehicles. These registration and inspection services play a very key role in safety check for vehicles.

A registered and inspected vehicle is fit to drive as it ensures the safety of the passenger. These inspection sessions just take 15 – 20 minutes so every vehicle owner should make sure that they get their vehicle inspected at the right time from an authorised service provider. In present scenario any vehicle is been operated for more than 5 years needs a certified pink slip for its safety certification. With such registration and inspection schemes, the life of vehicle owners has been comforted to a great extent. Here at this station we make sure that every vehicle that enters our auto care centre leaves with maximum safety score. All the issues are detected and fixed before any major incident occurs.

Get your vehicle for one of the finest and well-equipped registration inspection. Call us or book inspection session for your vehicle online.