New Tyres – Fitted – Balanced


Finetune provide you with a smoother and more comfortable ride every day with its new tyre fitting auto care services. We are a well-established auto repair centre with highly competitive and lower auto repair and maintenance prices in Sydney. Perfectly balanced tyres serve to reduce vibration and avoid premature wear resulted in an imbalance in the rotating tyre and tyre assembly. Our Technician saves your time and money with 100% risk-free new type fitting and balanced tyre fitting. We own comprehensive range of tyre variety as per the vehicle model and their performance preferences in Sydney, all these tyre are available at the lowest price and highest quality.

From the very beginning, we work in every possible way through which we can make your auto repair and maintenance service speedy, safe and satisfactory without any delay or Hassel in the way. Following points indicate that your vehicle tyres need our immediate attention if you are facing below-mentioned issues while driving your vehicle –

  • Vehicle pulls to the right or left while driving
  • The steering wheel is not straight while driving on a level road
  • There is wavering in the steering wheel or by your seat
  • Wheels are wearing unevenly or screech on turns
  • Steering feels unstable

Here at our Trained Technician centre, we have employed most modern Tyre Changing and Wheel Balancing equipment which help us in providing effective and inexpensive quick tyre fitting or balanced tyres services. Apart from our auto care services in Sydney we see customers as our family therefore for their convenience, we offer some additional services like a free car wash, free Vehicle Delivery Service, Premium Wheel Balancing, and Battery Replacement services.

Our expert auto care technicians are trained to conduct tyre fitting service with utmost safety standards and complete it on the desired time.