Complete Computer Diagnostics

Blacktown Mechanics Arndell Park

Finetune are equipped with advanced diagnostic computer equipment with which we can plug in and examine various engine and driveline components of your vehicle. Issues like fuel and electrical faults are caught up in no time with the help of our advanced computer diagnostic system. No traditional trial and error technique is adopted at Finetune Repairman, we have sophisticated auto repair system that enhances vehicle performance quick and easy. You can rely on our fully advanced Computer Diagnostics programme for diagnosing your vehicles problem from the start and repairing it at minimum cost.

Our modern computer diagnostic machinery not only checks the engine electronics, it takes full charge of the monitoring and maintenance of steering, brakes, sensors, lighting, etc. All the errors that are detected by our ECU system are handled efficiently under the guidance and experience of our experienced. These computer diagnostic procedures are quick and easy so they will not consume much of your time.

Complete computer diagnostics of a vehicle by a professionally trained repairman equipped with modern gadgets include diagnosis of the dashboards which indicated the health of the vehicle. During this dashboard diagnosis following elements are checked – Anti-Lock Brake System Light, Brake Light, Check Engine Light, Battery Light, Temperature, Warning Light, Fog Lamp Indicator, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Tire Rotation, Door Ajar Light, Airbag Light, Hazard Lights, Service Engine Soon, Traction Control System Light, Oil Pressure Light, Headlight Indicator, and Low Fuel Light. Once the diagnosis is done all the detected issues are fixed by the expert technician Sydney and you can ride your well-maintained vehicle in no time.

Our trained professional repairman group in Sydney corrects any vehicle performance error efficiently and enhances the overall efficiency of your vehicle at a very fair price.